More cacao for the heart

photo credit: Christine Dohler

More CACAO!! I admit it – i became a junkie ­čÖé ! Why cacao is so amazing?!? – Well, let me tell you….

We do know hot chocolate, and we do know chocolate bars, so we do know what is commonly known as COCOA – it can make us happy – for 5 minutes. But that is more for the sugar they contain and that lifts our energy level quickly. But sugar also gets us down quickly again. Real CACAO – like raw, organic, unprocessed and original cacao (for example from Guatemala) – is the real thing! The original name is Theobroma Cacao – as the word cacao comes from the Olmec people from what is now Mexico┬áand is believed to be the closest pronunciation to the original name of the plant.

In the raw foods community, many people believe in raw cacao or raw chocolate as a superfood for health and vitality. Nowadays we know that raw cacao is certainly very high in antioxidant flavanoids, sulfur and magnesium. It is believed that the theobromine naturally found in raw cacao is a mild, non-addictive stimulant that can treat depression (For more information, see also

Whatever may be the scientific benefits for real cacao – i can very much only tell from my own experience that it is a mild and supportive heart opener. When i drink it – always in a ceremonial way, never in front of the laptop or just a quick drink in between – i can feel my chakras opening, my meridians being vitalized. Meditation practice becomes deeper and more earth bound and i speak directly from my heart. For me, that is a wonderful thing to experience. In coachings it can get you more easily to the core part of your difficulties and an openness to solve them. Ideas arise, creativity is boosted.

Some say, cacao is magic! The woman, who introduced me to cacao and holds amazing and highly recommended cacao ceremonies (including meditation, one-on-one coachings, and body healing work) in Hamburg, is Christine Dohler. For her, „cacao is a partner“ – it accompies you on the path you want to walk on – but you always choose the path. It is never the cacao leading you somewhere you do not want to go to. As such, it is a magical and mild healing plant. Not a drug, and not abusive. It simply accompies your healing process, clears your mind – and makes you happy ­čÖé┬á

By the way – Christine Dohler offers more ceremonial cacao every month at the Himalaya Institut in Hamburg. For example, next sunday afternoon, at 14.30.

Do live in Berlin? – Visit the┬á Casa Cacao, initiated by the beautiful and amazing Sofya, who offers delicious raw cacao sweets.

photo credit: Anne Oschatz

So – drink cacao and go to glow! Dare to go into real contact with yourself and meet the beautiful person you are.

As a coach i am always walking this path. With or without cacao – it is a journey worth travelling. As you become your best friend – you will always have someone on your side. To support you, nourish you, love you & get you through the most difficult situations in life. You might say, cacao is one of the partners that helps you to have the best life partner&soul mate ever: YOUR SELF.

Love. Always.



photo credit: Evgenja Ortmann

P.S: For a clearer understanding for cacao – you can also read the blog by cacao shaman Keith, living in Guatemala.